Beginner Questions

Hey all,

I thought that a great way to start off was to answer a some questions that people might have when they are first introduced to the Ukulele.  So for the next few posts I will be answering these ten questions.  If you find them useful, then please feel free to comment and let me know some other questions you might have so I can do another round of these in the future.  For now:

1. Why should I play the ukulele?
2. What kind of ukulele should I buy?
3. What is the deal with different size ukuleles?
4. How do I tune the ukulele?
5. What are the first chords I should learn?
6. What is the first strum I should learn?
7. Where can I find online resources?
8. How should I be practicing?
9. How do I learn new songs?
10. How do I stay inspired?

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