Insight 5: Chord Mapping

In today’s Insight we are discussing some left hand techniques that can help you to move from one chord to another more easily.  Usually when we learn a new song there are certain chords that we feel comfortable with and can move in between smoothly.  If there are some new chords added that we have some trouble with try and remember to slow down your playing.  This will allow for ample time to move between the chords while still remaining in tempo.  Another thing we can do to is to imagine a visual map of the chord with it’s shape and position on the fretboard to help aid our hands in learning.  One example is an em chord:

emchordchartI like to think of this chord as looking like stairs moving from the bottom and going up one fret and one string each time.  Once I have the shape mapped out you can choose a pivot point on the chord, like the second fret on the A string.  We can then move our pointer finger to that point first then build the stair shape from there.  This can sometimes be easier than trying to find where all your fingers need to land in that chord.

GchordchartLets take the chord G as another example.  This is usually one of the first challenging transitions that we find when learning ukulele.  We can map this chord as being a triangle shape with the point of the triangle pointing towards the bridge or to our right hand.  The pivot point that I like to use for transitioning is again the second fret on the A string.  If we can move our middle finger to this point and build the triangle around it can often be easier than trying to move all three fingers into the shape at one time.  Remember when when we are learning new things we always want to simplify to give us the best chance at succeeding.

Give it a try!  Find some more difficult chords and trying mapping out the shapes with a pivot point that you can move to quickly and build the chord around it. Thanks again for all of the support and be sure to like and subscribe to keep up with everything new at Ukulele Inspired.

Also feel free to email me any links or files for your own performance videos or videos that inspire you and maybe we will feature them!

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