Kimo Hussey and Zanuck Lindsey



Last night I had the great honor and privilege of hosting Kimo Hussey and Zanuck Lindsey at my home studio here in Oakland, CA.  Kimo has been a real inspiration and mentor over the last few years with both my ukulele playing and teaching.  I was really excited for some of my own students, as well as the ukulele community here in the bay area to get to interact with him.  It was also my first time meeting Zanuck Lindsey, who turned out to be an equally skilled musician and instructor.  Their were a couple of workshops to start before they put on an an amazing performance.  I was really impressed with their connection and feel, and also intrigued by Zanuck’s new 6 string ukulele that he has officially named a “Kiku”.  The lower registered kiku served as a great foundation and really complemented the ukulele and extended the range of their sound.  In the last part of the set we were treated to some impromptou hulu by Herman Tachera.  Herman’s son David is is the founder of Ukes for Kids of SF Bay Area, an organization that provides free ukulele and lessons to kids.  I will be participating in their event on Sunday, August 2nd at the SF Bay Area Aloha Festival in San Mateo, CA.  Thanks to all those that came to learn and support and a big mahalo to Kimo and Zanuck, be sure to check them out and what they are up to in the coming months!


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