Group Learning

Do you like a more social learning environment? With Group Classes at UI studios you can find others at your level to learn together with. Meet new friends and fellow ukulele players that can help you to learn and inspire you to grow. Our group classes have an 8 person maximum so education still feels intimate and personalized. Along with Uke Level 1, 2, and 3, we also offer group specialty classes tailored to anything that you are interested in learning. Please contact us if you have a small group of folks and some musical ideas you want to explore with ukulele! 


Looking for more progress than ukulele clubs can offer? Private lessons missing some social interaction? Get the best of both worlds with a membership at UI Studios. It can provide you with community as well as development and improvement of your ukulele skills. With your membership you get unlimited group classes for the month plus a 10% discount at our retail store. We are providing a unique experience where you will learn new monthly material with others at your skill level and you can try out different level classes to find the best fit for you. The last Friday of the month is our Uke Social where all levels come together to play and learn together. If you are brand new to the instrument check the calendar to see when our next beginner series is running. Click on the schedule button to set up a free 30 min session and so we can assess your level and answer any questions you might have!

Level Descriptions

Level 1 Beginner

Has gone through the beginner series and is competent with some open position chords and rhythmic patterns. Can name the open strings and tune the ukulele. Ability to play simple melodies on the instrument.

Level 2 INtermediate

Can play most open position major and minor chords and starting to learn barre chords. Incorporating some right hand technique into their strumming (fingerpicking, right hand muting, etc.). Reading and playing simple melodies from standard notation. Understanding of chromatic movement and how to build major scales.


Can play all open position major and minor chords. Familiarity with moveable chord shapes and comfortability with barre and closed position chords. Understanding of how to build major and minor chords and how to construct basic extensions (7s, Maj7, sus, etc.). Comfortable reading and playing more complicated melodies from standard notation. Incorporation of more technical right hand technique into their playing.