About Us

Since 2013 Ukulele Inspired has been committed to providing the very best in ukulele instruction. We began UI Studios in 2017 with the hope of creating a place to gather, learn, and be inspired. Think of it as your ukulele community hub where you can go to find inspiration, instruments and accessories, and education for your musical journey. Our aim is to share the ukulele and elevate its role in both music and music education.  

About John Nash

John Nash is a ukulele artist and educator with over 20 years of experience playing and teaching music with the last half of those focused solely on ukulele. As lead instructor and owner of Ukulele Inspired, he hopes to share his love of music and ukulele with as many people as possible. He has been invited to teach and perform at events in the Denver area and across the US and Canada, engaging workshop participants with his passion for music and education. His teaching philosophy is strongly rooted in the belief that everyone is capable of learning to play given the right amount of challenge, encouragement, and patience.