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Ukulele Inspired is here to provide information, resources, and most of all inspiration to all ukulele players. Thanks for stopping by, this venture is fairly new and my hope is that it will grow and adapt to become a place where we can all be informed and inspired. Feel free to have a look around our site and please don't hesitate to send me your own performance videos, and please comment or email us suggestions for things that might be beneficial in your growth as a ukulele player. My intention is that we can all create a community where we can exchange ideas, performances, and information that will benefit everyone.

Recent News

  • Insight 11: Major Scales and Transposition

    Check it out!  Today we talk about what happens when we transpose a major scale.  Subscribe to stay inspired!

  • Sessions 11: Guava Jam

    Today we do a quick rendition of Hawaiian ukulele classic that a number of my students have been asking for help with, Guava Jam.  Thanks for stopping by and be sure to subscribe to stay inspired!

  • Insight 10: Chromatic Scale and Fretboard Geography

    In this edition of Insight we talk about how notes move chromatically up the fretboard.  The chromatic scale is made up of all 12 notes that we can play.  They are ordered from A to G with a note in between each letter or “natural” note.  That in-between note we can call either the preceding […]

  • Insight 9: The Flick

    Today we talk about a right hand technique I call the flick.  A quick triplet that can be a strong lead in to the downbeat of the next measure.  Check out Insight 2 for a little more about how rhythm functions on the ukulele.