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Ukulele Inspired is here to provide information, resources, and most of all inspiration to all ukulele players. Thanks for stopping by, this venture is fairly new and my hope is that it will grow and adapt to become a place where we can all be informed and inspired. Feel free to have a look around our site and please don't hesitate to send me your own performance videos, and please comment or email us suggestions for things that might be beneficial in your growth as a ukulele player. My intention is that we can all create a community where we can exchange ideas, performances, and information that will benefit everyone.

Recent News

  • Insight 3: Harmony and Chord Progressions

    Today let’s dig a little deeper into the second important element of music, HARMONY.  We can define harmony as being more than one note being played simultaneously.  On the ukulele we are usually talking about four notes right?  One on each string to form a chord.  I like to use the metaphor of music as a language where we […]

  • Sessions 3: Europa

    My rendition of a classic by Carlos Santana. Thanks to Brittni Paiva who’s instrumental version of this song was a big inspiration. Thanks again for all the support, if you found this or any of our resources helpful be sure to connect with us on social media in the sidebar and sign up for our […]

  • Insight 2: Rhythm

    In our last Insight video we talked about 3 fundamental elements of music:  rhythm, harmony, and melody.  Today we go a little more in depth into the first of these, rhythm.  Let’s explain some foundational concepts and give you an exercise to help develop and strengthen your sense of rhythm. Remember, when music is playing […]

  • Insight 1: Elements of Music

    ELEMENTS OF MUSIC: Welcome to our first installment of our new Insight video series where I’ll share a little knowledge about music and ukulele and hopefully help you to become a better player.  Today I want to talk about 3 fundamental elements of music and how they apply to ukulele: RHYTHM, HARMONY, MELODY. We can […]