UkeLab a brand new way for everyone to learn songs, progress with ukulele, and make friends! We are learning new monthly arrangements with differentiated parts that will challenge you to grow on the instrument while having fun learning at your own pace. There are four classes offered each week that you can register for individually, or attend as many as you’d like with the purchase of a Monthly Class Pass:

Mondays and Wednesdays
6-7p: Beg/Int
7-8p: Int/Adv

On the last Friday of the month we’ll come together during our Uke Social to play that month’s arrangements as an ensemble as well as some time set aside for jamming, learning new tunes, and being social of course! Ask about dropping by a class to see if UkeLab is right for you.

What level is right for you?


Brand new to the instrument? Do you know a few chords or strums? If you feel like you are a beginner with ukulele, come and learn some new tunes and skills that will build a strong foundation for your ukulele playing.


Are you starting to feel more comfortable with ukulele? Intermediate students might be able to play more open position chords. You might be starting to learn barre chords and incorporating a few right hand techniques into your playing (fingerpicking, rolls, etc.). Intermediate students will be challenged to gain proficiency with basic ukulele technique and begin to take their skills to the next level.


Do you have a lot of experience with ukulele? Advanced students should feel comfortable with most open position chords and how to play barre chords. You might be exploring movable chord shapes and honing a few more advanced right hand techniques. If you’re and advanced player you’ll be challenged with chord inversions, sophisticated rhythms, and new techniques to truly transform your playing.